July 15, 2020

Refreshed RSS and a New Email Subscription Option

Rolling out a new RSS feed system with an email subscription option

In my ongoing quest to improve your experience of this blog, I’ve finally rolled out an email subscription option.

For a while now, I’ve been looking for an alternative RSS host to replace FeedBurner. While it’s remained functional for years, it’s an abandoned project, and the long-term health of such projects is always in question…particularly when they’re in Google’s custody.

My search immediately turned up FeedPress, but I was put off by the pricing, which seems to have gone up to account for their recent pivot toward podcast hosting.

A friend suggested I look at Feedio, and after a bit of investigation I concluded that it offered the right balance of features and simplicity—with a generous free tier.

While RSS is my favourite way to follow sites, I’ve gotten several requests over the years to offer an email subscription option. Nothing fancy—not a newsletter, per se—just the ability to get notified of new posts to this blog via email. Not everyone wants to use RSS, and email is a much more ubiquitous system.

Besides RSS feed hosting, Feedio gives me the ability to offer an email subscription option too, so now you can choose whichever approach suits you. If you choose email, I’ve capped it at a maximum of one email per week, so even if I have a prolific span of writing, your inbox won’t be inundated.

A note for RSS users: you will (hopefully) continue to receive posts as usual via the old feed address, but if you have the time I’d encourage you to re-subscribe using the new feed address. I have no control over how long FeedBurner’s redirect will stay alive, so this way you’ll be sure to keep seeing my posts even if they kill it.

As with any new system, there may be some hiccups—if you run into any trouble please let me know!


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