January 27, 2020

Why We Spend Our Brief Lives Indoors, Alone, and Typing

Writing about writing feels like a cliché (and one particularly endemic to Medium), but this may be one of the best pieces of writing I’ve read so far this year.

Timothy Kreider has quickly become one of my favourite modern essayists, and in this piece he wrestles with his responsibility as a teacher. Is it fair, he wonders, to lure guileless young people into squandering their passion and talents on a life of letters?”

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January 14, 2020

The Olympus E-M1 Mark III is Coming

The market seems to have forced Olympus to reconsider its 4-year lifespan of the flagship E-M1 Mark II. We find ourselves anticipating the E-M1 Mark III a year early, which leaves me wondering what we can realistically expect.

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December 30, 2019

Unsubscribing From Apple News+

Apple News+ is a mediocre app, a bad deal for publishers, and of questionable business value to Apple given its terrible traction so far. And yet…as someone who enjoys magazines, it turns out it’s difficult to leave behind.

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December 30, 2019

The Rise, Fall, and Resurrection of Flickr

Flickr’s plight is heartbreaking. It missed the boat on becoming a major player in the social media space (perhaps thankfully), but it remains an important part of the internet’s foundations that’s suffered tremendous damage from neglectful owners.

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December 20, 2019

My Apple Watch is Ugly

I wear my Apple Watch every day…but I’ve disliked how it looks since the very first day I put on the Series 0, and none of the subsequent models or strap options have changed my aesthetic antipathy for it.

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November 1, 2019

AirPods Pro: Initial Impressions

There are few products that I get as much use out of as AirPods, so it was inevitable that the AirPods Pro would be on my desk the day they became available.

It’s only been a couple of days, but I can already confidently say that I’m happy with them; they improve upon the originals in ways that justify their added cost, the ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) and Transparency modes work well, and the adjustable fit makes them accessible to people who couldn’t otherwise enjoy them.

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