An album of rejected cues, sketches, demos, and other orphaned works from my musical catalogue



Over the years I’ve spent writing music for media, there’s been a slowly-accumulating pile of work left languishing on my hard drives.

Innocent victims of cancelled projects, creative differences, or their own experimental nature.

It’s a big pile, but I recently plumbed its depths to uncover some of my favourites, and today I’m happy to share those with you in the form of a new album called Nope.

Over the course of more than 30 tracks, you’ll hear a wide range of music spanning several genres and a decade of effort. Some of these were written for film and advertising, others for games, and others still were demos for sound libraries or my experiments with new instruments.

It’s an eclectic collection, including some old gems and featuring a few tracks that have never before been released.

You can purchase a copy for $4 USD over on BandCamp for maximum audio fidelity and a handful of bonus pieces (it’s also the most direct way to support me), but for the sake of convenience, I’ve also made the core album available on all your favourite streaming services.

However you choose to listen, I hope you enjoy it! ☺️


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