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November 3, 2022

11 days with the Apple Watch Ultra

There’s nothing wrong with the Apple Watch Ultra. Not even the stuff I expected to take issue with ended up bothering me.

It’s a premium smartwatch that improves upon older models in almost every way, and introduces a new category for Apple’s wearables family. I’m excited to see them further differentiate it in future generations.

But for now, I didn’t end up keeping mine. As much as I enjoyed wearing it, it doesn’t provide $1,200 CAD of additional value over my old but reliable Series 4.

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June 13, 2022

AirPods Max vs. Sony WH-1000XM5: The Definitive Comparison

I returned my first pair of Apple’s AirPods Max because of comfort issues shortly after publishing my review. I ended up buying a second pair within a few months, though, because I missed their sheer sonic prowess.

After a bit of stretching to ease their clamping force, the AirPods and I got along much better. The combination of headband design and spacious ear cups does a good job of distributing their (significant) weight in a way that allowed me to wear them for extended periods of time. They’re no Bose, but I no longer need to take breaks every half hour or so to avoid discomfort.

More recently, Sony released the latest in their long-running line of flagship ANC headphones, the WH-1000XM5. I ended up buying a pair and, over the past little while, I’ve been meticulously comparing them against my AirPods Max to see which headphones I prefer.

These are my findings.

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January 24, 2022

So Your Password Manager’s Been Abducted by Aliens

We should have known this day would come.

Heck, you asked the question in plenty of time, but it still caught us off guard when the entirety of 1Password was engulfed in the scintillating glare of an alien tractor beam and pulled into the abyssal night of outer space for eternity.

But why dwell on the past? We may be gone, but you’re still here…and you have questions.

Questions like is this a joke?” and Do you have an easy-to-share listicle with next steps?”

Well, dear denizen of the planet formerly known as Earth, don’t worry: we do have answers. They are yes”, and:

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May 6, 2021

The Music of Rebel Inc.

Game audio can feel like a thankless industry.

In our distracted world, the idea of listening to music for music’s sake is rare enough as it is. To expect people to notice and appreciate music when their attention is being drawn to enjoyable gameplay is just unrealistic.

Yet music is a critical aspect of establishing the gameplay experience, even if it’s mostly subliminal. It sets the mood, suggests pacing, and offers a sense of triumph in moments of success.

In Rebel Inc., a popular strategy game from the creators of Plague Inc., the gameplay challenges you to avoid combat as you attempt to balance the needs of separate factions.

What follows is a peek behind a curtain few folks ever experience: the process of writing music for games. Specifically, my process for writing the music of Rebel Inc.

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