April 28, 2020

Magic Keyboard: Turning the iPad Into Something New

Josh Ginter’s review of the new iPad Pro Magic Keyboard is the one to read

What do you get when you strand hundreds of bored tech pundits at home during a pandemic? Thousands of words spilled about a new keyboard accessory, it seems.

It makes sense: there are few things writers interact with more than their keyboards, so a new contender is an understandable object of scrutiny and discussion.

I snark, but the truth is that reviewing a popular product is especially difficult, so I’m glad to read coverage like this piece by Josh over on The Sweet Setup to remind me what a good product review should look like.

What’s interesting to me is not the keyboard itself though, it’s the bigger picture of how this approach to an iPad keyboard may open new doors for it in other markets and industries.

Josh’s review is the one to read, particularly because it delves into those bigger-picture consequences of the keyboard.

It’s also a true, personal review—a story about the keyboard and its implications—rather than an attempt to rewrite a press release.

Over time, we establish trust in reviewers whose perspectives we relate to. We’re not looking for them to tell us how we’ll like something, we need them to discuss how they like it in a way that resonates with our needs and ideas.

That way, we can compare their habits to ours and determine whether or not it’s a product we’d find valuable too.

Oh, and don’t miss that lovely product photography!


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