February 13, 2018

All The Things

Check out this in-depth course on using Things 3 productively

Things is a deeper app than it seems at first glance.

Today, the Sweet Setup launched All The Things, an in-depth course on using the app productively. Having gone through the course (and contributed a few tidbits 😉), I can recommend it to anyone who’s picked up Things but feels like they’re not getting the most out of it yet.

The core of the program is a detailed walkthrough of the app’s capabilities, plus some setup interviews and workflow tricks. The Pro tier includes that, plus an app-agnostic guide discussing Shawn’s hybrid, analogue/digital approach to productivity. It also features in-depth interviews with six productivity experts for some additional perspective.

The basic content costs $29 USD. You can snag the Pro edition of the course, with the additional productivity content, for $49 (or less, if you hurry—it’s 20% off during launch week). Lastly, you can buy just the general productivity portion on its own (without any Things-specific content) for $35.

If you’re already a Things ninja, you can safely skip the Things-related portion and zero in on the general productivity tips, which are a valuable glimpse into how other smart people get things done. I don’t know about you, but I can’t get enough of that sort of thing.

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