My Name is Marius

I’m a digital entrepreneur based in Toronto, Canada.

I founded a boutique creative agency with two partners in 2015 and have been building it out ever since. Outside of that, I work as an independent technology journalist and photographer.

I’m passionate about productivity, photography, travel, and helping people forge healthy relationships with the technology in their lives.

About This Site

This blog is built on and hosted by Ghost, an open-source platform for publishers.

Articles are written in Ulysses, and custom coding is done in Sublime Text.

I’m a participant in Amazon’s affiliate program.

Their system allows me to offset the cost of running and maintaining this site without charging for access or asking for donations.

Here’s how it works:

  • Using any of the Amazon product links on this website lets you make a purchase just like you’d normally do—it costs you nothing extra
  • Amazon tosses me a few coins for any purchases made through my links, whether or not it’s for the product that was originally linked to

In effect, any shopping you do through my links is a way to support this site for free. I hope you’ll consider it, but don’t feel pressured to.

I get multiple emails every week with product offers, app licenses, and more. As you may have noticed, I don’t write about too many of them. The reason is simple: if I don’t end up using, enjoying, and deriving genuine value from the thing, I won’t recommend it to you. And certainly not with an affiliate link.

That’s just the basic contract I have in my mind between you and me: if I recommend it on my site, I’d recommend it to you in person over coffee too — and have concrete reasons for doing so, grounded in my own real-world usage.

My rule of thumb is simple when it comes to monetization: err on the side of authenticity, even at the expense of income. It pays off in the long run.