How to Remove the ‘OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA’ Caption From Your Photos

Ridding yourself of the mandatory metadata

For whatever reason, Olympus hasn’t yet fixed this peculiar firmware frustration on any of their cameras, including the flagship E-M1 Mark II.

Any photo taken on an Olympus camera is assigned an all-caps ‘OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA’ label in the caption field of the metadata. This can be annoying because it’s not immediately evident that this is happening, but whenever you post it on a social network or other platform that surfaces this data, you’ll suddenly find it attached to your photo as the title or description.

Luckily, while there’s no way to stop the camera from adding this metadata in the first place, it’s easy enough to remove automatically on import if you use Adobe Lightroom.

Here’s how:

  1. Open Lightroom’s Library tab
  2. In the sidebar, find the Metadata section and click the Preset dropdown at the top
  3. Choose Edit Presets… and in the window that appears, in the very top Basic area, check the box beside the Caption field and make sure it’s blank
  4. Click the dropdown menu at the top of this window and choose Save Current Settings as New Preset…, giving it a name of your choosing (mine is called Olympus Caption Cleaner)
  5. Apply this preset to all the Olympus-shot photos in your library and bid a less-than-fond farewell to the ‘OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA’ craption

BONUS TIP: Next time you’re importing photos, unfold the Apply During Import section of the import window sidebar, and choose your new preset in the Metadata dropdown menu to clean all your photos as they come in.


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